Create development & Distribution certificates xcode

How to create development and Distribution certificate for Xcode Tutorial

Introduction to Development and Distribution Certificates:

To test your iOS app on your iPhone, one needs certificate and provisioning profiles to sign the app. In this post we will learn how to create development and distribution certificates so that we can sign our app source code in xcode and install them on real iPhone devices or upload them to Apple stores.

Steps to create Development and Distribution Certificates:

Step 1: Login with your developer account on Apple developer website

Step 2: Click on certificates, identifiers and profiles as shown in given below image/screenshot

Click on Certificates, identifiers, profiles button

Apple provides two kinds of certificates,

1) Development certificates: Used to sign app in order to run them on test devices during development phase.
2) Distribution certificates: Used to sign app in order to upload them to app stores and make thme live to public around the globe.

Click ‘+’ button

Clcik + button in order to start creating development certifcates

Step 3:  Select iOS app development by clicking on radio button next to it and press continue button at the bottom of the page.

Select development certifiacte by clicking radio button next to it

Step 4: Now we have to create CSR (Certificate signing request). For more guidance on how to create CSR follow below link

Create a Certificate Signing Request in a MAC

Step 5: Select CSR file created in step 4 by click choose file button and press continue.

Select CSR file by clicking choose file button

Step 6: You are done with creating development certificate. In the same way you can crest distribution certificate.

In this post we learned how to create development and distribution certificates for signing our app during development phase and for uploading them  to the apple store.

Where to go from here:

Next we will learn how to create development and distribution provisioning profiles.  

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