Create UIDocumentInteractionController in swift

Introduction to UIDocumentInteractionController Swift: In this post we will learn how to create UIDocumentInteractionController in Swift language. We will create an example app to learn how to use UIDocumentInteractionController in swift. According to Apple docs, UIDocumentInteractionController is a viewcontroller that previews, open, or print files whose file format cannot be handled directly by your app. […]

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UIActivityViewController IOS Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn about UIActivityViewController, is another nice way for providing user’s with lot of options to do with your app document such as image, text etc. and to share documents via Airdrop, printing document etc. It much more like UIDocumentInteractionController, but offers developer a more control than UIDocumnetInteractionController. If you are not familiar

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UIDocumentInteractionController Tutorial

NOTE:  Swift Version of UIDocumentInteractionController UIDocumentInteractionController Tutorial UIDocumentInteractionController is a powerful class available to iPhone developers that let developers to provide in app support to their users. For example a wallpaper application, that allows user’s to save wallpaper images in their photos app of the device. For this purpose developer has two options 1). Save

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