How to create csv file in swift programmatically

How to create csv file in swift programmatically
create csv file programmatically using swift

Introduction to how to create CSV file in swift programmatically

As the heading of this tutorial says, we are going to learn how to create csv file in swift programmatically. CSV(comma separated values) or excel files as they are commonly known are not a difficult task in iOS app development using swift. In this post, we will learn the code for creating CSV(comma separated values) file in swift programmatically and save it to document directory. If you are looking for objective c version then please follow the given below link

Steps to create csv file

Step 1: Create an array, named as “employeeArray” which will store all our records for the employees as key value objects. Also we will add dummy data to the newly created array

Step 2: Now we have data with us, and its time to create CSV(comma separated values) file using swift programmatically. For this we will loop through our records in “employeeArray” and append them in a string. Then we will write this string to our document directory of the app. All the stuff goes in different function named as “createCSV”, below is the code for the same

Step 3: Finally we will call our function from “viewDidLoad”. Below is the complete code

Note: Please remove “comma” for your data in order to create accurate CSV.

Where to go from here:

In this post, we learned how we can create a csv(Comma separated file) file programmatically in swift. If you have any query then please free to ask using our comment section and we will respond back to you as soon as we can. Thank you 🙂

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