Test printing documents using Air-printer simulator IOS

Test printing documents using Air-printer simulator IOS

In the previous article we learned about printing documents from IOS app using UIPrintInteraction-Controller. But most of developers don’t have Air-printer device to test their printing document. Don’t worry Apple Inc. provided Air-printer simulator.

To download .dmg file click given below link (Apple developer account access is needed)


After login, you will see page as shown below

Download Apple H/W Simulators IOS

Download the .dmg file compatible with your Xcode.  Click on the downloaded file you will see list of hardware simulators as shown in below

List of H/W simulators IOS

Click on Printer Simulator, a dialogue will open for permissions. Click Open, it will open up screen as shown below

Printer Simulator

Click on Load paper to select type of printer and page six options. A screen with list of printers will pop up.

Different type of printers available as simulators IOS

Select printer and other settings as per your requirements. Click Ok and open up your app in simulator. Select print option and click on Select Printer, it will display list of printers.

List of printer simulators inside IOS app running on simulator

Select one of them and hit print button.It will generate output as shown below

Air-printer Simulator output from IOS app