Submit IOS app to Facebook for approval

Social sharing is one of the easiest way for the developers to promote their App without spending much and hefty amount to ad networks. Recently I was developing an app that use Facebook friend list and post image to user’s timeline. But with new Facebook policies your app cannot post to Facebook timeline until it was approved by their review panel experts. I submitted my app but after a lot of time waste, hmm 1-2 days app gets submitted and got rejected twice for some of Facebook new publish policies. So to avoid someone else from committing same mistakes as done by me I am posting this article.

Assuming that you have already set up your app on Facebook developer portal. Let us begin submission process.

Log in into

Select your app, you will see a dashboard as shown in the picture

Facebook app dashboard
Facebook app dashboard

Click on Status & Review, you will see following screen

Status & Review Snapshot of my IOS app
Status & Review Snapshot of my IOS app

Here it’s clearly visible that your app has only 3 permissions that were by default approved by Facebook. User profile, user friends(it will display only those friends that are logged in view the same app in their life time or in other word has used the app) and last permission of getting email current logged in user.

To start submission process tap on Start a Submission button, a pop up will appear. Here  you have to select permissions that were required by your app or permission that app uses in code implementations. In my case its only a publish permission so I select publish_actions
permission. Don’t include app details. Let it unchecked.

Permission selection pop up
Permission selection pop up

Press add items button. A new screen appears that look like screen as shown below

Submission Form
Submission Form

Now here add notes by clicking add notes button shown in right side of publish_actions permission. Here you have to write why you are using this permission and steps to use the permission in your app.

Now most importantly fill out your app details section and complete all submission form requirement like screenshots of your app and provide them a simulator build to test your app, if its live on app store then you can send link of the live app.

Go through below link to create a simulator build

I encountered an error as terminal is not able to find Xcode path, for this use the below commands

$ DEVELOPER_DIR="/Applications/"  
$ export DEVELOPER_DIR  

As soon you completes all the above process, submit your app and wait for Facebook expert panel verdict.

Note:- If you are posting your message in background then it is necessary to show a dialogue box to user that allow user to write their content before posting. Editing of pre filled content and automatic posting of content is prohibited by Facebook.

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