Learn about apple SwiftUI

apple swiftUI

Apple SwiftUI is new way to create your apps that runs on multiple platforms i.e. single code will run on iOS, mac, watch etc, though you need to made little changes to the code for individual platforms as some of the components are not available in different platforms. As per APPLE INC., new framework syntax is declarative. With declarative syntax they mean that its easy to write and read code. Since code syntax is more layman then technical. For more info about apple new framework, you can check official website https://developer.apple.com/xcode/swiftui/

Requirements for using apple SwiftUI

In order to use SwiftUI, you need

  • Xcode 11
  • Mac os 10.15 (if you are using lower version than instant preview is not avaialble)
  • Basic knowledge of swift

What to chose SwiftUI or UIKIT

Since SwiftUI is relatively new and most of apps built on UIKit, so no one want to take change for big apps to be made using new framework. Secondly, and important point is that SwiftUI support the following minimum version

  • iOS 13.0 onwards
  • Mac OS 15.0 onwards
  • Watch OS 6.0 onwards
  • tv OS 13.0

This means your app, can only support the latest release of the above apple operating systems. So if you are thinking of to support lower versions, then SwiftUI is not idle for you.

Is SwiftUI fast?

According to, https://www.hackingwithswift.com SwiftUI us relatively fast as compare to UIKIT. According to Paul Hudson, owner of hackingwithswift,com, SwiftUI is very fast as it is focused less on drawing of layers and also used less core animation stuff.

Useful links

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