Pull Code from Bitbucket repository to MacBook

Header Pull code from BitBucket in MacBook

To Pull code from a repository to your MacBook you have to follow below steps

Open up a terminal.
Create a folder so that you can track where you want to pull code from BitBucket. If already have folder, then navigate to it using the command ‘cd

Apples-MacBook:~ apple$ cd Desktop
Apples-MacBook:Desktop apple$ mkdir PulledCodeFromBitBucket
Apples-MacBook:Desktop apple$ cd  PulledCodeFromBitBucket

Bitbucket Code Pull1

Type below command now,

Apples-MacBook:PulledCodeFromBitBucket apple$
Apples-MacBook:PulledCodeFromBitBucket apple$ git init

You were given a url like shown below


Now you are ready to pull the code under the testrepo_aman repository.Type the command as shown in the picture

Bitbucket Code Pull2

If you see same output, your code will be imported to your MacBook and is listed under the path of folder given by you and you are ready to work on it

Bitbucket Code Pull3

Open the code in Xcode, and start commit and push your changes to the repository. You can check out command from this post


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