How to view document directory contents for the app installed on real iPhone device in xcode

Some of the app on which we are working needs to to store some data locally. For example, images or some database file like .sqlite. While working with simulators, its easy to view contents being saved inside document directory. But when you testing your app on real IPhone device then you are not able to view the same as document directory and app data is on device not on mac. In this post, we will learn how to view document directory contents or app data for the apps installed on our iPhone device.

Steps to view app contents for the apps installed on iPhone

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Xcode. Select “Window” -> “Devices and simulator”.

Step 2: Select the IPhone, and the app (on left side) whose content you want to view.

1 – Select your iPhone

2 – Select the app whose content we want to view.

3 – Click on gear icon.

4 – A option window will pop up, click on “Download container” and save the file. File will have extension “.xcappdata”.

5 – Right click on the file and select show package content.

6 – This will you access to contents stored in document directory of the app.