Interview Questions for IOS Developer

In this post i am going to write about some of the question’s asked in an interview to me and my friends. I am posting these questions so that it helps other IOS developers in getting prepared for the JOB interview.

1) Why objective C is used as development language in IOS development, rather than C, C++ ?
2) What are the design patterns used in IOS development?
3) Explain MVC in a simple Xcode project?
4) Any other design pattern followed in IOS development than MVC ?
5) Difference between REST and SOAP webservices?
6) Why JSON is preffers over XML in web services?
7) Difference between syn and Async webservices?
8) Different states of IOS application ?
9) Tell us view life cycle?
10) Deprecated methods in recent IOS?
11) What is singleton class?
12) Name frameworks that are present by default in empty xcode project?
13) Features of IOS 8.
14) why we use NSPredicate in core data?
15) Can we sort array using NSPredicate?
16) What are blocks and why we use them?
17) Atomic and non-atomic properties difference?
18)  Difference betwwen category and extension?
19)  Push notification.
20) Delegate and notification difference?
21) NSXmlParser delegates names?
22) NSURLConnectionDelegates names?
23) Which framework is used in INAppPurchase?
24) Nsmanageobject and NSmanagedObjectContext in core data?
25) UILocalNotification delegate method? 
26) ARC is compile time or runtime?
27) How does ARC works?
28) Name flags to enable and disable ARC for a particular file?
29) Difference between copy and mutablecopy ?
30) Name the certificate used for pushnotifications?
31) Difference between strong and weak?
32) Difference between NULL and nil?