Hidden secrets of iPhone

iPhone, most lucrative smartphone that everyone want to have in their pockets but because of its price and other restrictions most of us could not afford it to buy this beautiful gadget and play with it. In this article i ma going to tell you some of the secrets that most of iPhone/iPad holders did not know. So lets start our journey

1. Set your passcode as letters instead of number

     To set your passcode as letters instead of text, you can follow these steps

  •  Go to settings app.
  •  Select  Passcode Lock
  •  Turn OFF the  Simple Passcode. You are done.

2. See timestamp for your messages in iMessages
    To see timestamp for your messages simply hold the screen area that display messages and move it          towards left.You will see time stamp for the selected message.

3. UnDo and ReDo option
    Simply shake your iPhone to bring this option up on your screen. If you you wrote something and want to delete it then most of us either press delete key or select the portion of text we want to delete and hit delete button. No need to do this simply shake your device to bring UnDo alert box and if you want to redo again then again shake your device.

4. Take burst of photos at once

    Want to capture burst of photos, with your iPhone hold up the shoot button in your camera app and here you go with burst mode.

5. Capture your device screen shot.

    Want to take screen shot of your device then hold one finger on power button and other on home button. Now press both at same time, device screen image is saved in Gallery/photo app.

6. Charge your iPhone battery twice as fast

  To charge your iPhone battery fast, plug your device with charger and out device in airplane mode.


7.  Add custom vibration to contacts

     You can set different vibrations to different contacts so that if your device is in your pocket and you  are travelling, so you did not miss the call as you set a strong vibration mode for that contact.

8. Let Siri read your email.

    First enable Siri from your settings app. Then hold your home button until you heard a beep. Then ask Siri “Read my email”. To let Siri read your SMS ask her “Read my iMessages”.